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Hi Alan / Pat,

I just wanted to take the time to write you about the new canvas you made for my 1979 Bonair 1200.

Admittedly I was the most scared I'd ever been about all of this given the enormous hurdles in play in terms of the trailer being so old and rebuilt over the years and far from original spec, the similar but different set of wall canvases I had to match your new ends to, and the fact that you didn't have the trailer to test fit, or check anything against.

When it arrived, I installed it all within 1/2 hour, slipped right into every grove and track perfectly. This past weekend was a long holiday weekend here in Canada, and it was calling for heavy rain on and off all weekend.


We decided to try it out against the elements straight away and set it up at a friend's place just in case the rain was too much for it, (still nervous can you tell), that way we'd have a dry place to sleep for sure.

We had numerous thunder storms roll through with tons of heavy driving rain beating down for an entire night. Once the sun came up I could actually see through the canvas and see the water streaming down the sides as the rains pelted the unit, but to my great surprise and amazement the inside wasn't even damp to the touch...totally bone dry!

After the last rain let up we checked around the exterior and even there the canvas was barely damp in only a couple places, and completely dry within 20 minutes after the last drop fell. The inside never even got damp much less wet! I couldn't be happier, or more amazed!

I am absolutely amazed at how well it works. I was the biggest skeptic about canvas keeping driving stormy weather out, and conversely the one in our family who hated camping because we always had to worry about the weather. But after this weekend's test, I'm scared no longer, and won't think twice about using the trailer again no matter what the forecast.

Growing up I'd never had a camping situation where we didn't get soaked if we didn't use a tarp, nylon tents with rain flies just don't work, and the original canvas on this trailer wasn't any better. But after reading what others had said about your work, and your experienced assuredness that new canvas was totally different than my old worn out stuff, I thought I'd give it a go.

Well my friends, you certainly didn't lie that's for sure, not even an embellishment! 110% perfect, way better than even the original factory canvas. It fit perfectly, (which is the most amazing thing to me given the trailer wasn't original, nor was it available for you to check against), reinforced areas where needed that were never included in the factory originals, and 110% as advertised- keeps me totally dry even in the worst rain storms!

You guys were fantastic communicators, provided great service and shipping, and super patient with a very nervous little guy in Canada with a beat up old trailer looking for new life.

I have such great respect for you guys, as you obviously have an unparalleled understanding of and passion for what you do, and are so excellent at doing it.

I can't thank you guys enough, I'll be telling everyone I know or ever run into in the campgrounds about you guys and gladly showing off your work on my trailer, that's for sure!

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate all you've done.

London, Ontario, Canada

Bearcreek Canvas,

First, I want to thank you for getting our canvas to us a few days before the Memorial Day weekend. We know there were delays due to your vendors, but we really appreciate your efforts to get it to us as soon as you could. We had just enough time to get it installed and go on a big family camping trip that we didn't want to cancel.

But, what I want to thank you more for is a BEAUTIFUL product! The craftsmanship and product have far exceeded our expectations. The canvas you made for us had more features than our old one, including the fact that there are canvas flaps over the windows/screens in the cabin area. Since our old canvas didn't have this, we had to have curtains for privacy which always looks wrinkled and often fell down, causing the interior of camper to not look as neat as we wanted. We also really appreciate the two windows on the back side that allow us to better control air flow in the camper without compromising privacy.

The canvas was so easy to install, for a minute I though I was doing it wrong. But everything slid nice into all the tracks and secured nicely. The canvas was not tight, which made installation even easier. We know that it will "shrink" over time, but having that little extra slack really helped. The zippers all slid perfectly and we had no issues! It looks FABULOUS inside and out and gave our 1988 Starcraft Nova a new look and complimented our entire remodel of the interior. We now consider our camper a 2011 since the only original components are the exterior shell, trailer and roof exterior skin - everything else is new and custom made. The "new" canvas smell can not be beat!

Thank you again for a great job and a price that can not be beat by your competitors! I wish I had a sticker for my camper that said "New Canvas By Bearcreek", because no one should go anywhere else and I would happily sing your praises to all pop-up owners!

Also, thanks for the Flyswatter...a must have tool for campers! It was a cute and unexpected gift in the box.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

From the HappiKampers,

Hi Folks,

I doubt very much that you need another testimonial but you’re going to get one anyway.

I have finally had an opportunity to install my new Coleman Sun Valley replacement canvas and the entire project from start to finish took less than 2 hours to accomplish. The reason it took so little time is because every piece that you folks sent me fit exactly. I am very impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship. Thanks so much for producing a superior product. Oh yes, it’s much superior to the OEM product. My family and I now have a “new” pop-up trailer thanks to Bear Creek Canvas.

A very satisfied customer


Hey Al, thank you for taking on the job of the tent bunkends and when no one wanted to do this not even canvas replacements. Making the conduit and hardware was fairly cheap. I appreciate you making it happen, now my trailer has its usage. Thanks again.

David Howell

I just wanted to let you know you have an awsome product easy to install.I purchased replacement canvas for my 85 coleman sequoia pop up and it looks GREAT thanks for a high quality easy to install product.


I Just wanted you to know i received my canvas today.I must say it only took my 12 yr old daughter and my self an hour and 45 min. to put it on.It was Just as you said a perfect fit and it looks like like brand new.The quality was more then i exspected .I will recomend you all to anyone. Thank you all very much for being prompt Blessing

Dale, Mt Jackson Va

Hey guys,

I'm sorry it took so long to write this but here it is anyways.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and courtesy in getting our canvas for us especially having to deal with Coleman. Ours was the Stony Creek pop-up about 8 months ago. It was a breeze putting up even though it downpoured in the middle of it! The factory goof up was quickly fixed by you guys at no additional charge. It fit perfect.

We have had a ton of fun with it and are looking forward in purchasing an awning from you very soon. You guys have been referred to a couple of times already. Again, sorry for the delay and thank you very very much.

We have had a ton of fun with it and are looking forward in purchasing an awning from you very soon. You guys have been referred to a couple of times already. Again, sorry for the delay and thank you very very much.

Kim & Eric


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your crew. for making are canvas. It is really wonderful. it is amazing what a new canvas can do for your pop-up. We repainted it and got a new canvas now it looks like a brand new one. can't wait to go camping in. I will HIGHLY recommend you guys to anyone who ask or who we know that needs a new canvas. This canvas has great stitching. the tint is great in the windows just love everything about it. Wasn't to difficult to put back. Thanks again!

Gary & Lisa from Ks.

Bear Creek Canvas Staff etc,

Well I can't think of any words to tell you how wonderful I think that you all are. I faxed my order form in to you on a Friday morning around 9 am. You promptly called me and then you made my day, you told me that you had one in stock. I was so excited. You mailed it out to me that day. We had a camping trip planned for the next weekend and were dreading the old canvas. Well the next week went by and no canvas, I was so sad come Friday and we were ready to leave town. I realized that I had forgotten some stuff at the store and when I returned the canvas was there waiting for me. We had a fun time ripping off the old one and putting on the new one. Only took us about an hour. We headed out to the hills and, thanks to you guys, we had a wonderful weekend. You are the best and I will recommend you and your company to everyone I know that has a camp trailer.


Dan & Karen
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Alan,

Just a note to let you know that we installed the new canvas on out Coleman camper and we are very well satisfied. It fit like a glove and now our camper looks like a new on. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.


Merlin & Patty

We just wanted to let you know how nice the canvas is for our 1990 Coleman pop-up. When we removed the old canvas that had been chewed up by mice, we had to do some minor repairs to the interior roof. When that was done and everything was cleaned it took us about an hour to get the new canvas up. It is awesome! Everything fits perfectly and looks fabulous. We even like the tan color better than the original gray.

Thanks for the excellent product. Our family will enjoy our camper again this summer (we couldn’t use it at all last summer) and for many summers to come.

The Pomichters
Upstate NY

Hello Alan,

I received my canvas today for my 1978 Coleman, Concord. I am very pleased with the workmanship. I still have to put up both of the wing sections yet but what I have done so far looks really great. Everything is going together just fine and even the snaps in the four corners fit perfectly. It's taking a little longer to install than I figured it would but I am 64 years old and my arms give out faster than they used to. I should have it all done tomorrow. You did an excellent job and I will be spreading the word to others about your work.

Thank you very much,


Dear Bear Creek,

I was ecstatic when UPS pulled up to my door at 2:45 pm to deliver my new canvas. It's 4:30 pm now & I popped up my camper, replaced the canvas, and cleaned up in less than 2 hours!!! The installation was much easier than I had anticipated and it was a quick afternoon project for two, just the way I like.

I am very pleased with the product, and the material is A+!! It is a thousand times better than what was on my Coleman pop up! I wish I had done this a long time ago! Thank you so much for a great canvas, quick delivery, and an easy project!

North Carolina

Wow, received the bunk end today and what a great fit and product. Awesome! Thanks for the fast turnaround. When I or anyone I know needs new canvas, you will be the one I recommend! Thanks again.


Hi Allan,

I finally got around to sending you some pictures of our 1984 Viking Popup I refurbished this spring. I think my wife was very nervous when I started this process and questioned if it would be ready for our summer outings. The decision to have Bear Creek supply us with new canvas was a great decision. The quality of the work is without a doubt top notch which made the installation a breeze. I want to thank you and will be calling this winter to have a new awning made for the same camper. I would highly recommend your company to anyone that asks were to go when their canvas needs to be replaced.

Once again thank you very much for making us " Happy Campers"

James and Anne

Wow! I am so impressed with the quality of your work and service! Right from my first phone call, you told me more about the original canvas on my camper than I ever knew. Your prices are the best available which made me concerned that I would have to sacrifice quality, but when I got my order and installed it on my pop up I couldn't believe that I had a truly better-than-factory canvas. Awesome stuff! I can't wait to get out and start camping in it soon. Keep up the great work and if anyone asks, I'm only recommending Bear Creek Canvas.


Hello Gentlemen,

I have been meaning to send you some feedback on the replacement top you made for my 1965 Apache Raven. I’m told it was the smallest Apache made. We bought it back in 1980, when we lived in Nebraska and it was in like-new condition. We pulled it all over the west and had some great times in it. We had five kids and we all fit inside, after I made some modifications for sleeping arrangements. In 1993, the screens went to pieces, followed soon after by the canvas. The kids wouldn’t let me get rid of it though…to many good memories. I asked several places here in Salt Lake City about a new top and one of the outfits (I believe it was Kirkham’s) recommended you folks. Anyway, I went to the web, got your number, and gave you a call. About a year ago I sent the “wreckage” to you and you sent back a top that was FAR BETTER THAN NEW. The top of the tent was vinyl, with high quality canvas sides. I was delighted to find the windows on the ends had screens AND that the original top didn’t have either. You did a FANTASTIC job. Fantastic is two notches above EXCELLENT. You folks are true craftsmen. The workmanship is top notch. If fact, it looks so good that I am going to have the aluminum body of the little trailer painted to attempt to match the quality of the top. The little trailer is going to my oldest child, a daughter, who is now 30 years old, with two kids of her own. She, like all of the kids, can remember the nights in the woods and the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder, read by the light of the Coleman lantern. This is the true “stuff” of life. Thanks for helping us keep the magic alive!

Feel free to use this for what it is…an unsolicited acknowledgment of your COMMITMENT TO QUALITY!

Salt Lake City

I would like to first give a bit of history on my pop-up. When I purchased the unit, I knew a lot of work needed to be done. The unit had been out in the weather conditions for nearly 3 years with the canvas open; needless to say, during that time, the canvas was totally damaged.

I looked at many alternatives to getting another canvas on my unit, priced numerous canvas builders, even looked at OEM type replacements.

I knew that OEM type looked good as cosmetically, but was reluctant to spend so much for the replacement. I browsed the internet, came upon your web site along with a few others, read comments from other pop-up forums, and finally made the decision to give you a try.

I got the canvas this past Friday, installed it after I got home from work, and I’ve got to admit… decision I’ve ever made. The stitch quality is excellent, Canvas fits very good, and all Velcro placements etc. were in its proper location.

I knew that OEM type looked good as cosmetically, but was reluctant to spend so much for the replacement. I browsed the internet, came upon your web site along with a few others, read comments from other pop-up forums, and finally made the decision to give you a try.

Thank you for helping in the restoration of my pop-up.


Dear Bear Creek,

We purchased a 1986 Coleman Popup from a friend. We did not pop it up until we got it home. That is when we seen that all the canvas had dry rotted. I called a lot of places to see if they could fix what we had. Then I got on the internet and found Bear Creek Canvas. We were so excited when we talked to you and found out the prices were something that we could afford. Because all the other places that we called were so expensive. You shipped the order on a Thursday and we got it by Tuesday. It only took us 30 minutes to put the canvas back on the camper and it was ready to go. We used it that weekend. It even rained the first night that we were there and we stayed dry. We are just so happy with our purchase. I will be telling everybody about you.

Thanks a lot,

Cary, Tara, Lacey, and Walker


Thanks from our family for your excellent service and product. We received our new canvas from you two days after I talked to you on the phone. That was February 7. I just got the opportunity (April 3) to install it and WOW!... It went on our ’69 Starmaster 8 without any trouble and looks great. It only took me a couple hours by myself and its like having a new camper….almost. We are ready and looking forward to this camping season with renewed interest. I would gladly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thanks again,

Doug Armstrong

Hi Guys-Just wanted to drop you a note. I’ve been away on vacation, and I came back and decided to open the box with the new bed wings you made me-even though I don’t need them for a few more months. I’m amazed-the quality and workmanship is top notch-better than I expected! I’ve been recommending your company to other campers. Just absolutely SUPERB!

Thanks again,

West Seneca

Thanks so much for the terrific service. My canvas arrived a week before it was due! It took me less than 90 minutes to install it by myself and the fit and quality were nothing less than perfect. The up-grades the Bear Creek incorporates makes me glad I chose you over a OEM replacement.

I would like to recommend your company to the many people that have asked me where I got my new canvas so please send me some business cards!

Sun Valley

Dear Alan,

I received my new canvas for my 1989 Coleman Sun Valley last Thursday. Installed it today in about 1 ½ hours, it fit perfectly. Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt courteous service you told me 6-7 weeks I received it in 4. The quality is fantastic and it looks great.



To the people at Bear Creek Canvas,

We received our new canvas a while back for our 1972 Stuery. We installed to canvas with no problem and it fit perfectly. Thanks so much for doing such a nice job. We love the new canvas!! It is even better than the original one. We like the windows on this one much better than the old style. Thanks for a job well done.

Marty and Amy

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with my replacement canvas for my 1988 Jayco pop-up. I was very apprehensive sending my canvas across country but you have proved to us that your company was not only extremely courteous but your craftsmanship was of the best quality work. One of the most surprising things was that it only took about 4 hours for us to put it back on our pop-up. We have been enjoying our new canvas without any problems and look forward to many more years camping with our new/old pop-up.

Linda and Mike

Dear Bear Creek,

Thank you so much. I just received your package, and in two hours, my wife and I installed the new canvas. It is beautiful, and the tinted windows are really sexy. Your pricing, timing, and product are perfect. We look forward to many years of use, and if we wear this one out, we will be back.



Good Morning,

I received my canvas and I put it on all by myself. It only took me about 30 minutes. It looks fantastic. I am so pleased with the job you did I am going to refer your company to anyone who needs any canvas repair or replacement. The fit is perfect (or as I like to say…Like socks on a rooster). We are now ready for our big trip in July and I can tell you already that everyone will want to eat, play games and relax in our rig instead of the $200,000 land yachts. We almost slept in the pop up last night we were so excited. Thanks for your diligence and great workmanship. Pictures to come soon.

Thanks again,

Antelope Valley


Just wanted to say I’m so thankful that we ordered our canvas from you. We got it sooner than expected and when we finally got around to putting it on, with the help of a friend, it was a breeze, it went on so smoothly and looks great! Our 86 Coleman looks completely different now. We use our camper for outings with our church and also for cub scout campouts! Thanks again, your customer service is wonderful!

Rick and Linda

Dear Bear Creek Canvas,

Just received our bunk ends for our 1984 Coleman Williamsburg. They are wonderful and already installed, the fit is perfect, it was almost to easy.

Our camper had not been used for at least three years and had been in storage when we decided it was time to sell it. We pulled it out of storage to find a family of mice must have been living in it for some time. Just the canvas was chewed and we didn’t know what we were going to do with it. I searched the web for anywhere I could get a new canvas for our Coleman and came across your site, “Bear Creek Canvas.” I read all your testimonials and e-mailed you about our situation. I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost to replace both bunk ends. So I sent in my order, even though my husband was very skeptical about ordering them on-line. Well, I want to thank you for the quality workmanship on the canvas, my husband can’t believe it!! It looks so good we are now thinking of keeping it. It sure doesn’t look 20 some years old!

Thank you so very much. Please feel free to use our name as a reference.

Dale and Karen

Dear Al,

We just wanted to thank you so much for our amazing new canvas! We put it on our 1980 Coachman camper as soon as we got it and it looks like a brand new camper! We were completely blown away by the workmanship on it! The tinted windows are a wonderful addition. We are leaving next week to drive to California on a two week vacation and we are so excited to take our “new” camper along with us.

Thank you so much!

Nick and Hannah

Dear Bear Creek,

I got my canvas about 2-3 weeks ago. I finally got it put on, and wow what a difference it made!! It fit just fine and the craftsmanship was great!! Thanks for the great service and thanks for the speedy delivery. It arrived a couple weeks earlier than it was supposed to!! I will be sure to refer you to anybody that needs a new canvas!!


Jeff Denbow
81 Starcraft


We received the new canvas for the 1985 Viking V210 last Wednesday, installed it Thursday and went camping Sat. and Sun. The canvas really is a great piece of work. It fits great and the material and workmanship is better than original. If you need any photo’s to display your work, just say the word.

Many Thanks,

Las Vegas

Hi Allan,

It’s been almost a year since we replaced our canvas top on the Coleman Pop-up. Just thought we would drop you a note saying how much we enjoy the top, I believe it took us less than hour to install last spring, we have been on several weeklong camping trips to Central Nevada since installing it and the top has proven to be better than the original, we especially like the tinted windows. We will recommend you to any who ask us about it.


Jeff and Alisa
Las Vegas

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say my 83 coleman camper is just like brand new. I replaced all the canvas with the help of Bear Creek. Your service was professional, courteous, and quick. The price was well worth the product received. In fact just plain low. Would I use Bear Creek again? Without hesitation. Bear Creek will be the first for my canvas needs. Will I recommend you to others? I already have and will continue in the future! Thanks again and I can’t wait to get my Camper on the road again!!!!

Pastor Russ

Hello, Al & Pat,

I have, finally, gotten the chance to install my new canvas on my 2001 Rockwood pop-up camper. Things went amazingly well for me and I am sending a few pictures of the finished product.

It was a pleasure doing business with professionals such as yourselves.

Thank you again.




I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for your great product matched with friendly service. We received our new canvas when you said it would arrive, the workmanship is factory quality, and the installation went very smoothly. It looks great! You folks are true craftsmen. Our 1986 Coleman Sequoia looks brand new. My wife & kids and I are REALLY excited for this camping season now!

Feel free to use this picture of your product installed to advertise your business if you'd like. I will be recommending Bear Creek Canvas to everyone!

Aaron P.